This site provides a brief overview of aquaculture, and Shoemaker Littlenecks, a small business specializing in clam aquaculture. Aquaculture, or fish farming, in the broadest sense, can be defined as the raising of marine and freshwater organisms under controlled conditions.

Clamming History
A brief history of clamming in the northeast region...
Clam Sizes
Definitions of clam sizes (littleneck, cherrystone, chowder).
Health Benefits
Clams provide many health benefits.
Safe Handling
Tips for safe handling and storage of fresh clams.
Opening Clams
How to open, or shuck, clams.
Simple and declicious clam recipes.
Environmental Commitment
How farmed clams positively impact the environment; how Shoemaker Littlenecks operates in environmentally-friendly manner.
Contact Us
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